Anne NEIL, The Water Dance (2009). Forrest Highway (Western Australia)

Anne NEIL, The Water Dance (2009). Forrest Highway (Western Australia)
Artist Anne Neil and her team have completed a project on the new 180 km Forrest Highway - the biggest road infrastructure project in Western Australia.
The artwork design titled <i>The Water Dance</i> comprises 8 cone shapes (5,5 m H x 4,5 m diameter at the top) and 16 poles placed in an arrangement where the cones and poles lean at various angles. This dynamic composition expresses the energetic movement of rain hitting the earth.
The starting point for the artists was seeing the cone shape as cupped hands reaching up to catch precious rain drops.
The poles are abstract representations of water markers found in rivers that are used for recording water levels. The point of each cone lightly touches the earth like a dancer moving in time with the beat of the rain. The open 'weave' of the water ripples on the surface of each cone links earth and sky.
The cones and poles are made of marine grade aluminium. The cones are painted blue internally and the poles are also partly painted. The cones are lit internally at night with a changing sequence of watery tones - from blue to green. This lighting is powered by solar energy.

Contact: Anne Neil