Art in Architecture: a website dedicated to the sculptor Pierre Sabatier (1925-2003)

Early during his career, Pierre Sabatier chooses to work in collaboration with architects and city planners. Always searching for new techniques and materials, he has created an impressive body of artistic works, demonstrating great talent, versatility, and mastery.
After the monumental ceramic and mosaic murals of 60?s, Sabatier turns to working with metal (copper, brass, steel, and aluminum)
Pierre Sabatier designs works totally integrated within the architectural environment, and his creations are often functional: floors, clerestory panels, screens, doors and walls. He works 3-dimensionally, and also activates the surface, using texture and color.
With about 150 major projects in France and other countries, Sabatier has achieved a remarkable body of art-in-architecture projects.

Contact: Barbara Sabatier

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