Cécile PITOIS, Sculptures for the public space

Cécile PITOIS, Sculptures for the public space
For several years, Cécile Pitois has been developing Wishing Sculptures projects (Sculptures à souhaits), which are intended for urban settings: combining sculptures and texts, this works enables the imaginary to crystallize itself around legends invented by the artist like so many fragments of an upcoming mythology.

For each of her creations, Cécile Pitois invites the audience to share a ritual inspired by the site?s historical, social and cultural context. This ritual dimension implies a double experience -- at once intimate and collective -- of the moment and place. Medium of a social link between the users of this shared space which is the city, Cécile Pitois? work casts an at once critical and poetic gaze on our urban environment.

In 2005, Cécile Pitois conceived A mon seul désir (To My Only Desire) for the Rivau Castle in Lemeré, France. A commission created with the help of the Fondation de France?s Nouveaux Commanditaires program; of the Association des Amis du Château du Rivau; of the Conseil Régional du Centre and of the Fondation d?entreprise Bernardaud. Produced by Eternal Network.

In 2006, she created La Fontaine des amoureux (The Lover?s Fountain) for the Beaune-Semblançay plaza in Tours (France). Commissioned by the city of Tours with the help of the Drac Centre. Produced by Eternal Network.

She is currently undertaking a research project in New York based on her exploration of this city which embodies in an extreme manner the notion of the individual?s dispersion amidst collective rhythms and space. She will exhibit several pieces including A Piece of the Puzzle for Governor?s Island; Whistling Benches for Central Park, as well as Me, Me, Me and You for Sunset Park, a work which deals with the issue of multiculturalism, amongst other.

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