Call to Artists - The Cagary Zoo (Calgary, Canada)

The Calgary Zoo?s existing Conservatory, originally constructed in the 1960?s, will be completely re-built over the next year.
The Calgary Zoo is commissioning a work of public art to be permanently installed near the main entry of the ENMAX Conservatory. The site is prominently located adjacent to Discovery Trail and will become a favourite meeting point for Zoo visitors.

Goal of the Project
To foster garden identity and theme by highlighting the main entrance to the ENMAX Conservatory and the Dorothy Harvie Gardens

To develop a focal point that creates a sense of entrance, a meeting place and an interface between the ENMAX Conservatory and the Dorothy Harvie Gardens
To create a focal point that represents one or more of the following:
· both the indoor and outdoor gardens at the Zoo
· a celebration of the new ?green? environmental technologies in building construction and operation
· an acknowledgement of its position within the Zoo environment by celebrating plant and animal life

Public Art Opportunity
To create an outdoor art piece that enhances the entrance to the ENMAX Conservatory while representing the Zoo, the horticultural setting in which it sits and the environmental and conservation goals of the organization
· must meet the needs of all seasons
· needs to withstand the impacts of more than 1.2 million annual visitors of all ages
· ideally would be interactive and hands-on to reflect the Zoo?s goal of providing interactive experiences
· the Calgary Zoo is open to consideration of all innovative ideas and the guidelines provided in this document should not limit the creative process

A budget of $125,000 has been set aside to create this unique piece of public art.

Project Location and Scope
The attached site plan shows the designated location for the art work. The public garden pathways and entry to the ENMAX Conservatory are predetermined, however the artwork?s interface with the pathway should be designed to support the work being proposed. As the site experiences heavy pedestrian traffic, the overall capacity of the pathway through the site must be maintained.

Competition Close Date October 10, 2008
Jury Process ? Stage 1 October 14, 2008
Notification, Top 3 candidates October 28, 2008
Jury Process ? Stage 2 January 2009
Commission Award Date February 2009
Project Completion October 2009

The Calgary Zoo ENMAX Conservatory public art project is open to all interested artists. However, the stated budget of $125,000 must include all travel expenses associated with the project.

Stage 1 Submission Requirements
Artists responding to this competition must provide the following information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
1) A letter outlining the artistic background, qualifications and relevant past experience of the artist, as well as the reason for interest in the project.
2) Qualifications (maximum two pages) containing current contact information and current artist CV.
3) Up to 10 images of past work relevant to this project including context and budget information for each project.
4) Three references from clients of recent projects.

Stage 2 Submission Requirements
A $1,000 honorarium will be issued to the top three candidates for a 3-dimensional scale model (maquette) of their artist concept as well as detailed renderings depicting the concept of the proposed artwork. These may be presented in hard copy or digital files (see below for technical requirements).
Required format:
· Digital images should be loaded onto a CD in JPEG format, with a maximum dimension of 800 x 600 pixels and minimum dimension of 720 x 480 pixels
· Label the CD with the artists name and contact information
· Number the images 1 through 10, with the following annotations: Artist?s name, Title of work, Medium

Artist Requirements
The winning artist will be required to provide a 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy naming both the City of Calgary and the Calgary Zoological Society as additionally insured, upon signing of their Artist Contract. The artist must work within the Alberta Worker?s Compensation Board (WCB) job safety practices and procedures. The artist must provide a 5-year warranty covering the materials and workmanship for the artwork and its installation.
All costs associated with the design, fabrication and installation of the artwork will be the responsibility of the artist, i.e. materials, transportation, permits etc. The Calgary Zoo will work with the artist to finalize the pathway development adjacent to the artwork once the final design is determined.

Deadline for Submissions
All submissions must be received by October 10, 2008

Deliver / mail to:
The Calgary Zoo
Attention: Facilities Department / Call to Artists
1300 Zoo Road NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 7V6

Further information is available by contacting
Michael Powers
Project Manager, The Calgary Zoo