Canalfa King Liberty Village Public Art (Toronto): Call to Artists

49/51 East Liberty Call for Credentials
Public Art Management (PAM) is the public art project manager for CanAlfa Group- the premier developer of Toronto?s famed King Liberty Village (KLV). 
PAM is issuing this Call To Artists ("Call") to initiate the first of a three-stage selection process to identify artists willing to work with and as part of a public art team developing ideas for a variety of locations throughout the site.

A phased development, Phase One completion is expected in the Fall 2015, and the artworks should be delivered in conjunction with this date. Phase Two will commence at a later date, based on market conditions.
The purpose of this Call is to identify a pool of artists and/or artist teams that will be considered for one or both phases of the project.
The KLV lands are generally bounded by King Street to the north, Strachan Avenue to the east, Hanna Avenue to the west and the CN rail line to the south. To the north of the KLV lands are the former Massey Ferguson manufacturing lands, now a residential community. To the south is Exhibition Place and Lake Ontario. To the west is the Liberty Village BIA and to the east is the Niagara neighbourhood.
A formerly thriving industrial centre (indeed the former industrial heartland of Canada) the KLV lands had, by the 1980?s, become a largely vacant brownfield site as the various industries that had operated in the area relocated to outlying areas or closed. Over time, the surrounding area became home to artists and designers attracted to the former warehouses and factories as studios. As the area was historically used predominantly for industrial use, some of the public art installations in the area reflect this history, without being historicist or prosaic.
Today, the KLV lands are a multi-dimensional 45 acre master-planned community combining grade related residences, high-rise condominiums, offices, shops and services featuring a mix of heritage buildings and contemporary architecture.
CanAlfa intends to commission distinctive, urban scale, meritorious works by exemplary Canadian and/or international artists for select locations within the Project. The artworks must reflect the best of contemporary art practice and be suitable in materials, form and content. The types of opportunities may include:

. A series of sculptural elements within the north facing courtyard between the towers- especially defining the west edge;

. An element or elements within the courtyard/ open space adjacent to 49 East Liberty Street;

. A series of elements integrated into the building edge along East Liberty (both phases)- marking entrances or creating significant features at ground level

Public Art Budget
Phase One (51 East Liberty): $500,000 CAD
Phase Two (49 East Liberty): $400,000 CAD

The artists selected for the project will work with the developer, project design teams and Public Art Management (the Public Art Team) to sympathetically weave the art throughout the zone provided that such areas are publicly accessible and highly visible.

Professional artists are invited to submit their credentials for consideration by PAM, the project architects and the development team. Artists who are experienced in creating large, permanent, urban scale works for interior and exterior locations and artists who have successfully worked in collaborative projects are invited to enter.

The goal is to select two to four artists to work on an on-going basis with the public art team as the project advances from phase to phase. This will enable the artist, Owner, public art consultants and design team to identify opportunities in a timely manner and to integrate that artwork in an effective manner.

For Stage One, PAM is seeking artists to submit no more than 10 images, a CV (or one for each member of the team, if applicable), names and contact information of two references, and a signed PDF or JPEG copy of the Agreement to Propose only. Kindly consolidate all this information into ONE pdf

Artists may advance in the program based on a professional review of their qualifications, profile and past work. Future commissions will be awarded following a second stage, whereby preferred artists may be interviewed and concepts may be submitted. To be eligible for this program, applicants must be professional artists; that is, artists who are recognized as such by their peers, who have specialized training in the field, and who have a history of public exhibition (exhibitions in museums and public galleries). We are not seeking existing artworks offered for sale under any circumstances whatsoever.

The deadline for this Call for Credentials is September 16 @ 12:00PM EST.

A full copy of the Call for Credentials is available for download at

We strongly encourage all artists to download this document as it contains important background information as well as the required documents needed to formally submit for Stage One.