Concord Adex Development Inc, the owner and developer of the Concord Park Place and Concord City Place Development Projects (the "Projects"), is issuing this Call For Credentials for Artists to initiate the first of a multi-stage selection process to identify a bank of potential artists for their ongoing development projects. The artwork program intends to commission distinctive, urban scale, meritorious works by exemplary artists for select locations and in a variety of media within the Projects.
The public art locations will all be situated outdoors. Artists working in a wide variety of media are asked to apply.
Budgets for the future individual public art installations may range between $100,000 - $1.2 million.

The Projects are multi-phased, and buildings are anticipated to be completed over the next 10 years, largely driven by market conditions.

To be eligible for this program, applicants must be professional artists; that is, artists who are recognized as such by their peers, who have specialized training in the field, and/or who have a history of public exhibition (exhibitions in museums, public galleries, or permanent public art spaces). We are not seeking existing artworks offered for sale under any circumstances whatsoever.

Deadline: 9:00 AM EST on April 15, 2013

Selection Process
The Public Art Team will identify preferred finalists on an ongoing basis. These finalists may also be asked to submit on specific public art opportunities by the Public Art Team at their discretion, and as the Projects progress.
Detailed Competition Briefs may be issued to preferred finalists for specific public art opportunities, and the artist(s) may be invited to submit concepts, in which case they will be paid an honorarium for the creation of the concept. These public art opportunities will vary in terms of scale, medium, and budget, so the fees for these concepts will vary and will be outlined at a later date.

Evaluation Criteria
Each candidate may be evaluated on the basis of the following:

. Aesthetic evaluation: original thinker: strong, contemporary, innovative and original work

. A demonstrated strong sense of scale exhibited through past work coupled with an interest in and ability to create permanent, maintainable, sustainable public artworks

. Strong history of public exhibition in senior public institutions, innovative artist-run spaces, and installation projects

. Confirmation of ability to work within a team environment, with a generosity of spirit and patience.

. Proven track record and ability to complete projects on time and within budgets (either public art commissions or museum/gallery projects).

Professional standing by peer or art expert references will be a major consideration as well.

Call To Artists Entry Requirements
All responding artists must submit the following:

1. A signed Agreement to Propose & Consent (Appendix #1). Please print off Appendix #1 and send a scanned or JPEG version of the completed form via email. Submissions that do not include a signed Agreement to Propose will be disqualified.

2. One consolidated PDF containing a CV and twelve embedded images of past work. Each image must clearly identify the title of the artwork, location, media, size and other relevant information. In the case of commissioned works, please provide a note with the name of the commissioning body if possible.
Please title the submission file with your name/studio name.

3. Include the name and contact information for no fewer than 2 project references.

4. Your name, address, telephone number, email address and your website address (if applicable).

5. Submissions must be received not later than April 15 @ 9:00AM EST. Artists are solely responsible for the timely receipt of their submissions.

6. Submissions must be sent by email or through a file transfer service (such as: WeTransfer to:

On the subject line clearly mark: [YOUR NAME] Concord Adex Public Art

Should you have any questions concerning this process or the submission requirements, please send them to Ben Mills at:

Incomplete submissions will be subject to disqualification.

Artists are responsible for the timely submission of their entries. PAM thanks all respondents for their submissions but regret that only advancing candidates will be contacted.

Beyond formal notification to Finalists, PAM will not enter into any correspondence regarding the artist selection process nor the decision concerning advancing candidates.



Submissions that do not include a completed Agreement to Propose & Consent Form will be disqualified.

Terms and Conditions
Each artist, or if the artist is forming a team, each artist team member, must complete this form and return it to PAM along with their submission.
I, the undersigned artist, hereby declare that I have read the Concord Adex Call for Credentials for Artists and that I am submitting my credentials for consideration. Should my submission not result in advancement in the selection process, I shall not hold any agent or employee of the Public Art Team, Public Art Management, the project architects, nor the project developer (Concord Adex Development Inc.) personally liable.

I stipulate and agree that under no circumstances may I or my representatives or others acting for me, lobby members of Public Art Management or the developer, members of the design team or engage others to lobby on my behalf for advancement in the selection or for a commission.

I understand that all decisions made by the Public Art Team are final.

I understand that failure to follow these terms and conditions will result in disqualification.

I have read the Call for Credentials for Artists and agree to participate according to the terms and conditions set out therein.

Signed Dated


All artists or artist team members to sign

Name of Artist:
Telephone (Day):