Dagmar PACHTNER, Paths of Remembrance (2010). Stuttgart (Germany)

Dagmar PACHTNER, Paths of Remembrance (2010). Stuttgart (Germany)
Opened in 2010, "Paths of Remembrance" is the memorial opened to commemorate the victims at the site of the Stuttgart Airport Concentration sub camp.

The camp existed from November 1944 to January 1945. The 600 Jewish prisoners, from 17 countries, either had to work at the airport or in nearby quarries.

The artist Dagmar Pachtner received the assignment from the towns of Filderstadt and Leinfelden-Echterdingen to design the memorial after her concept had been awarded first place in a competition.

The then sub camp can still be seen today because the hanger in which the prisoners lived and also the cemetery (both on the US Airfield) still exist. The memorial takes in both these places joining them with two crossing paths; the Path of Remembrance.

The two wall segments, as seen from the cycle path, form a sort of entrance situation to the authentic places. Along the shorter way information directs one to the second path to the longer wall and leads to the fence with a view to the cemetery. During walking or pausing the visitor hears the names of the former prisoners. Each one is given, even if only briefly, their own personal time because, at that moment, no other names are present.
The paths and wall blocks form the memorial, but the heart of it are the 200 inhabitants of Fildern who, through speaking these names, have given dignity to the victims and also through their participation and the remembrance have actively taken a form of responsibility to actively participate in the creation of the future.

Photo: Rolf Sturm

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