Daniela BIANKA designed the new entrance hall of the French National Space Agency in Paris

Daniela BIANKA designed the new entrance hall of the French National Space Agency in Paris
An artistic- architectural - theatrical approach to the design, free of a stylistic preconceptions within a multidisciplinary process. Daniela Bianka's work encompasses sculpture, design, furniture and architecture to large installations and complete architectural-design refurbishments. She is questioning about the interaction between matter, immaterial and sensorial, the inside and the outside. She watches out for the creation of the instant, volatile and transitory in space with a particular interest in aspects like the "intermediary shape", "the intermediary space" of a project. Recurring themes in her work are opposites such as: fragility and power, rationality and irrationality, the micro and macro dimensions, density and depth, the obscure and the visible, liquidity and substance.

Daniela Bianka grew up in Germany. After graduating in Applied Arts and Design, she worked in international agencies, such as at Ron Arads in London. In order to develop her personal art work, she travelled, taking her nomadic workshop with her, to a variety of countries, before setting up her studio in Paris.

The most recent project of Daniela Bianka has been the renovation of the entrance, reception and exhibition areas of the French National Space Agency in Paris. Her work integrates the complex visions of the universe into the spatial concept of the Agency. The renovation, in functional and image terms, focuses on the dream dimension of space-time travel, the relationship between man and the universe, integrating the research conducted by the Space Agency in a vision of the future.
It is a place of observation, open to visitors, documenting the history of space exploration, revealing the world around us differently. It creates micro-landscapes within macro-landscapes, different levels of visual depth, a space within space, - to connect the visitors with their imaginations. "I intervened in a space from the 1970s, with an irregular plan, a low ceiling etc. The first thing to be done was to restore the purity of the lines, a sense of liquidity, as expressions of an organic articulation of distinct narrative episodes," Daniela Bianka explains.

Her architectural and artistic vocabulary makes use of flexible, essential structures, surfaces in glass or perforated metal, layers of transparency and opacity, skilfully manipulated by lighting and reflections, to generate a synthesis that communicates sensations of weightlessness and lightness, density and depth, darkness and visibility, fullness and emptiness into the Space Agency.

Extract: Antonella Boisi writes in INTERNI, 08/ 2008; Carmelo Strano writes in l?ARCA international, 09/2008

Contact: studio@danielabianka.com