Elisabeth BROCKMANN, Neuland (2011). Duisburg (Germany)

Elisabeth BROCKMANN, Neuland (2011). Duisburg (Germany)
For the canteen of Sparkasse Duisburg, Germany, Elisabeth Brockmann has invented a two-way-window installation, combining a view from the top of the building, in which the canteen on groundfloor resides, with the look of an 'artificial spectator'.  

By night the installation is enlightened from inside and visible from far away.

By day the inside shows the same view in a mirrored perspective and is enlightened exclusively by daylight from outside. No additional artificial light is used.

While dining on groundfloor, people virtually see, what they would see, if they were dining on top of the building.

While approaching the building from outside, people see, what they would see, if they turned around  on top of the building.

 Double-layered transparency bond on window glass, 100 inches x 615 inches