Eric HIGGS, Conversations (2009). Tampa, Fl, USA

Eric HIGGS, Conversations (2009). Tampa, Fl, USA
Higgs was faced with the challenge of artistically enhancing the six story parking structure that serves the residents of the Element building, Teco employees and downtown visitors. Utilizing bold, clean shapes characteristic of Higgs' sculptures, he designed twelve 60' sculptural panels that incorporate 120 10' x 4' components installed across twelve different locations. These shapes are flipped and turned in various positions on every story and elevation of the building that covers an entire city block. Each of the twelve columns of colorful shapes represent the evolution of a conversation between different personalities.
This public art permanent installation untitled Conversations will be illuminated by highly efficient LED fixtures designed and installed by Light Emotions, LLC. LEDs are the most environmentally friendly lighting solution - they contain no mercury, do not emit U/V light, have much higher lumens per watt, minimize light pollution, and have over 50,000 hours of bulb life. The entire installation consumes roughly 800 Watts. In comparison, other proposed solutions would have consumed almost 10,000 watts.

Rollins Fine Art, a recently establish art consultancy firm, managed the project. Ken Rollins, a museum director for 30 years, formed Rollins Fine Art with his son Noah Rollins, a Tampa based Architect.

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