Françoise SCHEIN: a retrospective

Françoise SCHEIN: a retrospective
Recognized for her many subway stations dedicated to human rights and city maps, the Franco-Belgian artist Françoise Schein has had an unusual career. You can find her work in European and Brazilian cities, in their suburbs, or in Rio de Janeiro?s favelas.

Françoise Schein's life has been punctuated by meaningful encounters and diverse collaborations that have defined her work in mapping world spaces to creating participatory urban projects. Schein's life in New York influenced her work, allowing her to see subway stations as the place par excellence of the urban expression of democracy.
In 1989 she built the Concorde station in Paris, dedicating it to human rights. Following this she traveled to different European cities where she continued her work on the democratic function of subways. In total, Schein has realized seven subway stations around the world. Among these, half of her monumental and urban artworks have been created with the participation of thousands of local citizens.
Through her ambitious projects Schein takes the viewer on a trip through the city with maps. Her artwork is carried by its method of production and made in the utmost respect of collaborations with others, whether they be craftsmen, artists, engineers, or college students. Françoise Schein's work focuses on an educational and artistic path centered on human rights; an author acting as a citizen without borders engaged in democratic issues of the contemporary world.

The CIVA Museum is presenting a retrospective of 14 of Françoise Schein major urban works complete with a miniature tram that leads us from Concorde to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, passing by Ramallah in Palestine and New York City.

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The book : Françoise Schein, Artiste des Droits humains, published by Mardaga and CIVA editions.
This monograph reflects the wealth of the artist's work and offers different levels of reading of her oeuvres, of her career and of her commitments.
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