Jean-Christophe NOURISSON, D'une place à l'autre (2012). Toulouse (France)

Jean-Christophe NOURISSON, D'une place à l'autre (2012). Toulouse (France)
Nourisson's work is characterized by collections of pieces which tend to disrupt, slow down, the urban space. These pieces are often interfaces between the body and the architecture, the gaze and the landscape, the self and the others. They are practicables surfaces, which welcome the bodies and offer a renewed experience of urban life. The pieces inhabit inoccupied spaces, empty teeth, the non-thinking of architecture. Appearing as minimalist objects, they belong as much to the sculpture register as to the street furniture register. Every intervention is thought according to the parameters, revealing an analysis of the issues raised by the spatial context.

The suggestions of Jean-Christophe Nourisson invite the public to take possession of the public space without injunction.

Jean-Christophe Nourisson (born, 1962) lives and works in Paris.

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