Konstantin DIMOPOULOS, Blue Tree in a Red Landscape. Healesville (Australia)

Konstantin DIMOPOULOS, Blue Tree in a Red Landscape. Healesville (Australia)
Blue Tree in a Red Landscape, Konstantin Dimopoulos's new sculpture launched by the Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser A.C., in Healesville, Australia is a monumental sculpture of intense blue seemingly balancing precariously above a pool of water.  
In a departure from his signature kinetic rods, Dimopoulos has taken steel and through complex geometry created the anticipation of movement, the sculpture seemingly teetering towards the ground. It's a work that describes a fragility and chaos of form. A linear jumble of lines that seem to have effortlessly been thrown up in the air and resettled randomly into their current form.
The whole piece has a surreal aspect to it which is further heightened at night when the work glows with a Klein blue intensity of color. The placement of the black segments at the base disappear into the night and the blue sections seem to float like dislocated limbs in mid air.
And yet there is something in the linear chaotic interaction of each line that echoes Plato's idea of beauty:  "I do not mean, as most people would suppose, the beauty of living figures or pictures. I mean straight lines' plane and solid... These are not, like other things, beautiful relatively, but always and absolutely."
The orchestration of color and line that best describes Dimopoulos's dynamic sculptures is also visible here but perhaps in this work the formalness has disappeared and an unrest is present, a cacophony of chaos that seems to describe this black and tortured landscape.