Krijn de KONING, Fountain with 13 Ponds (2011). Béthune (France)

Krijn de KONING, Fountain with 13 Ponds (2011). Béthune (France)
 This work by Dutch artist Krijn de Koning in Bethune (France) consists of 13 ponds of various sizes, each 3 cm deep, permanently integrated in the central city as an extension of the architecture of the Belfry.
Each basin has a specific color of the tint of its covering. The nightlighting is a light illuminating the inside of the basin which gives the presence of day and night.
The fountain comes to life with water jets that drive each basin. A computer program was created in order to control the colors of the jets and their height, thus creating multiple partitions visually accompanying the various moments of life in this space. Thus sets up a dialogue of colors in both fixed and evolutionary, a set of vertical streams colorful and brief, in connection with the Belfry.

Commissioned by the city of Bethune (France)
Photo: Jean-Marc Hecque