Linda COVIT, Havre (2014). Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Linda COVIT, Havre (2014). Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
The MUHC (McGill University Health Centre) is one of the world's foremost academic health centres. The new MUHC is the redevelopment project that will create leading-edge facilities in three sites. Havre is the largest of the public art works planned for the new "super hospital" at the Glen campus, commissioned through the Quebec government's Intégration des arts à l'architecture (1%) policy. Scheduled to open in fall 2014, the sculpture will be integrated into the Place d?accueil, the circular plaza in front of the main entranceway.

The artwork, currently in fabrication, is structured through layerings of rectangular tubes, their rhythmic crisscrossing positioned to create three openings. A sculptural embrace, the artwork brings the immensity of the site to the human scale, engaging the visitor. Open, yet sheltering, Havre acknowledges the user, offering a pause, a quiet respite, a moment for social interaction or individual reflection.

During the day natural light projects patterns of shadows through the artwork, transforming with the hours, days and seasons. In the evening almost imperceptibly changing shades of blue to blue-green bathe the artwork, colours that evoke both sky and water, elements essential to life.

A monograph of the artist's work, edited and published by le Centre d'exposition en art actuel Plein sud will be available through following a book launch March 12, 2014.

Linda Covit, Havre. Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Painted aluminium, programmed LED in ground lights and projectors
13 m x 15,76 m / 42'8'' x 51'8''
Renderings : Plan HB

Linda Covit