Martijn SANDBERG, De Sleutel Ligt Onder de Deurmat (2012). Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Martijn SANDBERG, De Sleutel Ligt Onder de Deurmat (2012). Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
 Martijn Sandberg's site-specific artwork is integrated with the communal corner stair belonging to De Zilverling tower building at the Colijnstraat in Amsterdam.
A secret message lurks among the layers of the concrete stair treads. A message left unobtrusively, for your eyes only: "De Sleutel Ligt Onder de Deurmat" (the key is under the doormat).
Public and private. Open and shut. Locked and unlocked. Encrypted and decrypted. A secret does not easily divulge itself. A brochure with tips for preventing burglaries states: "don't make it easy for the burglar", and even: "don't make your absence visible".
An open secret. The secret message emerges from the "pixels" of the figuration, distributed over both sides of the stair. Now you see it, now you don't. While passing the building, while climbing the stair. It all depends on the point of view you take, the angle you see it from.
Perhaps today, and otherwise tomorrow, at a certain moment - in a flash - everything converges. Suddenly you see it before you, from far away or close up. And then you know where the key is.

Title: 'De Sleutel Ligt Onder de Deurmat' ('The Key Is Under the Doormat')
Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Location: corner stair De Zilverling tower building, Dr H. Colijnstraat, Amsterdam
Measurements: (lxhxw) 11.77m x 2.85m x 22.70m
Material: cast concrete
Concept artwork and design: 2008-2010
Built: 2011-2012
Completion: 2012 Commissioned by: Far West, Amsterdam
Advice and supervision: Kunst en Bedrijf, Naarden/ NL Architect: LEVS Architects, Amsterdam