Martin and Inge RIEBEEK, Between You & Me. Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Martin and Inge RIEBEEK, Between You & Me. Tilburg (The Netherlands)
 The artwork "Between You & Me" consists of a large led screen mounted onto a mast, a camera on rails, lights embedded into the pavement and a moving message display on the side wall. These elements are connected together. As soon as someone stands on the spot in the middle of the courtyard square; the camera shoots a close-up, then elevates up along the rails and takes the entire square, with everyone in it, into the shot. The life on the square and the colors, images and texts on the led screens influence one another and set the atmosphere for the public space. Any time anyone enters the interactive light circle, other texts and colors appear. Anyone who stands on the spot becomes the focal point of a greater whole, gets a bird's eye view of his or her relationship to other people and influences the colors, text and images on the screen.
Between You & Me addresses the question of what your space within the public space is and where that of others begins. Contact with others is unavoidable in public space. We all constitute public space together. People and their interrelationships make a city what it is.
When the artwork is not activated, the big screen functions as a digital platform for video-art.

The project was commissioned by the Municipality of Tilburg (The Netherlands)
It is located at the entrance square of the Performing Arts school in Tilburg. Realized 2010


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