Permanent Installation of Dennis OPPENHEIM's Swarm in Norwalk (USA)

Permanent Installation of Dennis OPPENHEIM's Swarm  in Norwalk (USA)
 Swarm is a path of birds in flight configured as a large diameter cup and saucer.  The flight of birds along the specific trajectory is indicated by the repeated sequence of cast birds assuming four wing positions. A vortex of stainless steel pipe traces the birds in flight.

Stainless steel misting tube connects the path defined by the cup to a misting system housed in a nearby building. Steam rises from the cup at programmed intervals. At night the sculpture is illuminated by in ground lights to enhance the mist effect.

Swarm, 2011, was commissioned by the State of Connecticut for Norwalk Community College in conjunction new the Health and Science Building, designed by Mitchell, Giurgola Architects. The commission was coordinated by the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Swarm is located on a common green space within a treated landscape and is raised on a granite plinth. It was executed by the artist's studio.

Dennis Oppenheim  (1938-2011) exhibited his work in museums and galleries worldwide since 1968. During the past two decades he concentrated on public projects, completing five works in 2010; Pathways to Everywhere in Calgary, Canada; Light Chamber in Denver, Colorado; Radiant Fountains in Houston, Texas; Paintbrush Gateway in Las Vegas, Nevada and Falls in Busan, Korea.

A major exhibition and catalogue was produced by the Musée d'art moderne, Saint-Etienne Métropole in France, this past summer.

Dennis Oppenheim, Swarm, 2010. Norwalk, Connecticut (U.S.A.)

Rolled stainless steel, tinted cast acrylic, misting system. 10' h x 12' dia

Photo: R. DeOliveria