Sculpture Garden Opening in the Artpark Gallery. Linz (Austria)


Wednesday, May 7th, 7 pm

Upper austrian artists Arnold Pichler, Manfred Schöller & Erwin Reiter inaugurated the sculpture garden in the summer of 2006. It is has been growing constantly and rapidly ever since. Many artists have been invited to showcase their newest artworks there and participate in the sculpture garden project. The keen diversity of numerous artworks and various approaches in implementing imagination and reality has generated an interesting and always rewarding art open space. Visitors are able to steep in the multilayered world of contemporary art. The exhibited sculptures are not only constrasting blatantly with another, they?re simply standing out in the exceptional surroundings of the show at the same time. The sculpture garden is incorporated in an expanding urban landscape between the Lenaupark area and the skyline of the Citytower. It is located on top of the lenaupark City shopping mall. Enjoy the new, tangible and time- outlasting beauty of the art garden at your leisure.

Sculpture Park: Arnold Pichler, Gerhard Wünsche, Manfred Schöller, Erwin Reiter, Robert Mittringer, Willi Kern, Christoph Luckeneder, Koutek Manfred, Manfred Kielnhofer, Othmar Steiner, Nitram Martin Stockinger, Der Steiner (Othmar Steiner), Carlos Michael Anglberger.

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