Urban designer and artist collaboration - Bristol (England). 14 May 2008

Fairytale or horror story ?
Uban designer and artist collaboration:
What value do they bring ?

Collaborative practice between artists and urban designers has been promoted as a means of producing creative solutions for urban environments enhancing the quality of urban design and creating imaginative environments that reflect local identity and meet communities' needs.
Recent funding and policy initiatives have encourages such collaboration, presenting greater opportunities for the professions to work together within a design team. But what is the real added value of these working partnerships, and how do they work in practice ?
The Resource for Urban Design Information (RUDI) and Public Art South Wales (PASW) are organising this one-day conference with the aim of informing, challenging and debating collaborative practice in the realm of contemporary art and urban design.
The event will explore the process and experience of collaboration and, perhaps more importantly, will consider the integration of artists and their ideas into urban design teams and programmes.

Leigh Court, Bristol (England) 14 May 2008