Victoria KLOTZ, Guests of the Abode (June-October 2013). Beauvais (France)

Victoria KLOTZ, Guests of the Abode (June-October 2013). Beauvais (France)
Since 2010, the Mission Arts Plastiques of the City of Beauvais and the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare have invited renowned artists to reread the public space, its history, how it is used and the means by which it is represented. After having welcomed the Dutch artist Krijn de Koning, then the Franco-American studio Cao I Perrot, a new creative initiative has come into being this year with the artist Victoria Klotz.

Right in the middle of these two sites for getting around or for roaming, for encounter or for a relaxing moment, the artist stages twelve wild animals (lifesize) on tables and chairs; made in polyethylene, they include an elk, a crane, a boar, a monk seal, a polar bear, etc.

The introduction of these lifelike animal species into the urban environment evokes the animal's place in the city, and more especially the theme of table companionship and the shared public space. Both at hand and elusive, these surprising guests indeed have come to seek food and shelter in the world of humans; they remind us that Man and animal have lived together since the dawn of time.

Born in 1969, Victoria Klotz maintains an on-going dialogue with Nature. Taking the form of installations, itineraries for observation or approaches to listening, her works compose environments in which our animal side is explored, as well as the conflictual relationship we maintain with the natural world. Playing on a diversity of artistic techniques, and effects of illusion and confusion, the artist calls on the share of emotion binding Man to animals, to re-establish the delicate balance between Nature and culture.

Temporary installation from June 1st to October 20th, 2013