In the last decade the multinational Spanish company GHESA® Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A has been experiencing a new approach in water feature design works. Taking the advantage of the 40 years experience in engineering and technologic fields of action, the company incorporated a multidisciplinary design team, composed by architects, urban designers, landscape architects and emerging artists, motivated to create unique designs for public spaces, regarding ecological performances, esthetical purposes and place specifications.
To guarantee sustainable energetic performance, all GHESA® fountains are equipped with multiple last generation technologies like:
. Hi-Efficiency LED Illumination, to minimize electrical consumptions;
. UV water treatment systems, to minimize the use of chemical products;
. Weather station systems, including humidity sensors, directional wind speed controllers, Crepuscular Switches, etc to optimize fountain functioning according to weather conditions;
All the fountains are conceived to work in totally closed circuit, using and recycling the same water, with minimum losses either for wind or evaporation;

Caption of illustrations

Top row (1.2.3. - from left to right):

1 - "Water Maze" - (SPAIN)
Walk-in fountain composed of concentric circles of vertical jets, creating mazy circuits.

2 - "Wave fountain" - (PORTUGAL)
Walk-in fountain integrated in an urban park. Sculptured slope with sandstone surface. Wave appearance achieved by the alignment of a series of parabolic jets. Grid pavement to recapture water recovers.

3 - "Colegiais Roundabout" - (PORTUGAL)
Corten steel sculpture implanted over sandstone basis, formed by a group of concentric steps. Sculpture surrounded by a misty cloud, producing a water membrane continuously running over the stone steps.

Middle row (4.5.6. - from left to right):

4 - "Water Clock" - (PORTUGAL)
Sandstone circular sculpture animated with foaming jets turning on each 15 minutes by synchronization with an internal clock. The endless sequence of the hours is emphasized by the wet stone. In the middle, a little seat invites to contemplation over the passing of time.

5 - "Fuente de la Harmonía" - (PERU)
Pyramidal sculpture in stainless steel with drilled pipes spouting out water by pressure, giving the illusion of tridimensionality.

6 - "Sculptural fountain, a Tribute to Firemen" - (PORTUGAL)
Corten steel sculptural wall over a concrete base. Reproduction of fire's colours and appearance obtained with the use of nebulised water jets and special illumination.

Botton row (7.left above - 8. left under - 9 right) :

7 - "Landscape Water Feature" - (PORTUGAL)
Grass, iron grid and parabolic jets composing a bowl-shaped landscape sculpture.

8 - "Sheets of Water" - (PORTUGAL)
Continuous water blades projected over a sandstone basis. Reservoirs covered with grid, allowing silent and extremely smooth water falling.

9 - "Fuente de la Vida" -  (PERU)
Sculptural structure in stainless steel pipes geometrically aligned over circular pool. The central water event is created by a combination of powerful foaming jets.

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